New Puzzle Games in June for Android

Puzzle games are one of the most popular type of game, because they are both entertaining and challenging for tour brain. Everyone who likes a challenge definitely has played a puzzle game, in a form of word guessing game or simply connecting letters with each other. They were popularized by the rise of the use of smartphones, as now it’s very easy and convenient to play a puzzle word game on the train, airport, while you wait at the bank etc. Below we are selecting a few nice puzzle games that have come up lately on the app store and play store.

Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Eath is based on the classic game for pc. Early access new version is in fact available on the Play Store and App Store. What is the game all about? Microsoft defines it as a open-world mob game which combines augmented reality with a new version of the popular pc game based on the Bedrock Eng.

Word Crush
Word Crush is a puzzle solving game. It is organized in blocks and every time you detect a word, you swipe through letters and if the word is correct(an answer), they disappear and the letters above it fall like blocks allowing you to connect other letters with each other forming the next answer word. The game is developed by TangramGames and is relatively new. It is similar to word stacks.

Monsters With Attitude
Do you remember Imagine it with fewer players (8), with very nice three-dimensional monsters and with worlds to be devastated to prevail over other players within 3/4 minutes.

Angry Birds Evolution
Rovio is back with a game completely different from the classic Angry Birds canons, and the beauty is that even the angriest birds in the history of video games have undergone a profound restyling. We advise you to take a look at it, you might like it!

It is the tie-in of the film of the same name, but for once it is a more than excellent game. The gameplay resembles that of the Square Enix GO series. You can play all the levels for free as long as you watch commercials.

There are many other new popular games that need to be played by us before being recommended. Stay tuned as we publish new game reviews quite often.