New Puzzle Games in June for Android

1 – Detective GUI
We close with a flourish with a game that I simply loved and of which… I can tell you very little. Once again Detective GUI is a puzzle-platformer with minimal graphics, but with a significant level of challenge that will force you to think a lot outside the box. Very. I was at least twenty minutes on the first pattern and when I found the solution, I called myself stupid, but I also really liked the gameplay mechanics of this game. No, really, I can’t tell you more. My advice is to give it a try. It’s free and you can find it here.

2 – Encryptid
We stay on the subject of games that would not seem out of place on a Game Boy with Encryptid, a puzzle platform with many influences from the first Castlevania / Metroid. As Encryptid we will have to escape from the factory by jumping and using our various skills, but more than anything else trying to figure out how to solve the various puzzles that will be placed in front of us. Know that some steps have kept me busy for a long time and that the challenge for the title is considerable. In short, Encryptid is another game that will test you. Find it here.

3 – Don’t eat my mind, you stupid monsters
Speaking of games with minimal graphics, but damn hard and capable of being addictive, here’s Don’t Eat My Mind, You Stupid Monsters. The title is long, but it explains everything. We are a little sword-wielding man on a square grid who must fend off all monsters before they destroy every single tile and … drive us crazy. Because in reality everything happens in our head. In addition to beating the sword, we can shoot and use special “squares” to regenerate the destroyed platforms. Every four repulsed waves you have the opportunity to increase one of your skills or get bonuses. Do you think it is easy? Try it.

4 – Word Nut
The mysterious title actually hides the main feature of this shooter. ooo is a classic arcade game with minimal graphics in which at the helm of our ship we have to destroy hordes of enemies before losing our lives. What is different? That instead of moving horizontally, we will have to do it by moving on three concentric circles, in one direction or the other. If it seems like a little, know that, especially at the beginning, it is quite difficult to get used to the controls and when you think you have made it, the game downloads some additional difficulties on you, such as electrifying one or two of the circles every few seconds.

Just a moment. We wanted to let you know about Word Crush, a puzzle solving game which has been published recently.

5 – IndestructoTank!
Let’s start immediately with a game that can create a considerable addiction in the player. IndestructoTank! it is actually an already quite famous flash game in which the player will take command of an indestructible armored vehicle, but with limited supplies of fuel. Each shot or bullet from the vehicle will make it bounce upwards and, in the former case, it will gain experience. If you have enough landing experience, you can level up, increase the number of enemy vehicles present, and completely regenerate fuel from scratch. Obviously, the game doesn’t have a real ending. What’s new in this version? It is literally a Game Boy emulator! In the description of the page you will find the link to download it! Sounds cool. Ideal for a dip in the past and to pass some time. Find it here.